I am The Fashion Artist, Michelle Elizabeth.

Specializing in Fashion Design, Wardrobe Styling, Hair & Make-up.

Graduated with a Bachelors in Fashion Merchandising in 2010 from AI Miami International University of Art & Design, Miami, FL

Career Goals: Working in film for fashion. Doing Wardrobe styling for film and television.

Aspirations: Winning an Oscar for Costume Design.

THE FASHION ARTIST – facebook page

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Sewing
  • Styling
  • Set Design
  • Product Development and Placement
  • Public Relations and Event Planning
  • $100 hourly
  • $300 half a day (4 hours)
  • $600 full day (8 hours)
WorkflowContact me anytime at which we will discuss your project and work each detail. If time allows, I’d prefer to be sent a treatment of your concept/job and then I will contact you with the confirmation of participation in your project. We will then set a meeting date in which we will work out the schedule for the rest of my involvement.